Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Maplesea - justice: Azwan Patch Notes

Ok, so the new patch notes are out… apart from Azwan itself (which is strangely NOT mentioned at all in the notes?) 

Let's take a look at the patch notes...


Dear Maplers,

The following events will be activated on 5th December 2012, 0900hrs to celebrate the launch of the Justice Patch

1. [System Event] Ice Box Event (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))
Transform into this cute little penguins with the transformation potions and even transform into Jr Ice. Spirit and enjoy this winter! Also stand a chance to obtain a Purple Surfing Board!

hmm ok. More transformation potions which are basically useless stuff… PSB is nice though… not sure how the drop rate will be (obviously it'll be really low) but if you play dk or aran and don't have a good weapon, you should take this chance to get your PSB...

2. [System Event] Christmas Event (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

like the gaga maple tree event once more. Rewards… nothing much? can get xmas charging chair but the last time i checked fm it was like… 10m in aquila… a bit… worthless sia. If you really love collecting chairs, i guess you'd have it long ago already… can get some mounts and the winter exp/drop rate increase buffs also… i guess the buff will be worth $$$ though.

3. [System Event] Happy New Year 2013 (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

Collect the happy new year letters game is back! 

Well the new year event actually consists of two events. One is the collecting the letters thing where you'll end up with a devil's dice… no idea what the dice will give when opened though.

The other one is the snowdrop coins thing

In Maple World, there are many different towns and each town have their own way of preparing for the cold winter. The residents are looking for people to help them with their preparations and in return they will reward those who helped out with Snowdrop Coins

There are a total of 17 different quests catered to different levels.


-You can only accept 1 quest at a time..
-You can repeat the quests, but can only get up to 20 Snowdrop Coins in a day.

What they failed to say though, is what the snowdrop coins can be changed for -.-'''

The last one is the warm thermometer thing. Collect drops from monster and use it to fill up the thermometer. Once it is full you can turn in the quest for a belt and 20 snowdrop coins. 

The belt lasts for 3 days and its stats are as follows:


Hmm… ok lah. I guess its some free wa for chars like my phantom who doesn’t have a belt yet. I'd rather they just have a single 2 to att stats belt with 2wa and 2ma on it… -.-''' like that… thieves lose out on the 2 luck leh!

4. [System Event] Make A Wish Event (Event Date: 5/12/12, 0000hrs – 16/01/13, 2359hrs (GMT +8))

Ever wished that you could choose the rewards that you want from an event?

This Christmas, we will be having a Make A Wish event where you can choose the rewards you want!

During the event period, Fake Santa will be spawned in random maps.

This Fake Santa will drop A Wish Card.

After obtaining A Wish Card, you can proceed to any of the major towns to look for a Christmas Tree.

After submitting A Wish Card to the Christmas Tree, you will be given a chance to choose which items you want from the list provided. After choosing the item, the Christmas Tree will show your current count of items you have voted!

Tip: The more you vote on a particular item, the higher your chance of getting the item you want!

Below are the items that you can choose from!



5. [Gachapon] Gachapon Update

6. [Gachapon] Gachapon Jackpot

7.[Factsheet] Justice Interactive Factsheet

8. [Download] Justice Patch v1.25

NewImageSo finally eh? Perm red rudolph nose. I think that's the most best thing in this event. That and the bandages aka scrolls of course. 7wa if you can pass it all. IF lah. But if your face acc got some nice % stat already, then...

The mount and chair would be nice to have as well.


And that's ALL!

The rest are gacha updates and other random stuff. Anything exciting? Not really… upon closer inspection the rudolph's nose doesn’t look very exciting as well… Ah yes… cos i have the bunny mask already. No wa but 6% hp is nice… well i didn’t cube mine so the red nose will be better if i can scroll a nice one but… for my pala especially, I'd rather have 6% hp.

And that leaves us with… nothing exciting for the patch… o.o… ok there's the Azwan and honour system and inner abilities… all that confusing crap that i've yet to read up properly on… oh wells. 

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