Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Level up up...

So i just logged in to my pala last night, intending to go solo scar/targa cos i dc-ed the other day just when the boss fight started (i think computer overwork after leaving it on for 2 whole days).

Then my guild mate asked if anyone wanted to leech bg. Of cos i jumped on the chance. I've never leeched bg in my entire maple life before and since someone is offering… why not?

MapleStory 2012 12 04 23 04 59 14MapleStory 2012 12 04 23 06 34 68Started off at lvl 114, 1%. So that's like… 118% exp from bga and bgb nia… my lvl can't leech the boss yet. All in just a few minutes. Pro normy. Sigh. My pala was taking how long to solo last time ah? lol!

5 more lvls to go before i can papu… 10 more before i can bring phantom to neo city… oh wells… actually i got a lot of chars to bring to neo city… haha! all stuck at 12x one. Or like my mech even worst. 11x nia :P

MapleStory 2012 12 05 02 45 06 59Finished up the last of the papu quest on my evan and when to whack papu...

MapleStory 2012 12 05 02 49 14 98MapleStory 2012 12 05 03 01 20 10MapleStory 2012 12 05 03 01 22 98MapleStory 2012 12 05 03 05 49 14MapleStory 2012 12 05 03 06 00 74

added one point in illusion for fun… but well… evan…. the fight felt really really slow. I think cos all the new chars like merc and CS are OPed…. oh wells. Hmm now my evan can join in the papu fights liao… if i shd feel so inclined as to bring my chars for runs again. Still got DS. I don't rem bringing DS to ludi to do the papu quest… bleah means have to do. I can't even rem wat lvl my DS is now… But DS ma fan sia. Need to xfer my warrior eq over… which means a lot of things to xfer. At least merc and CS just xfer wa glove nia. Oh wells… I wonder where my DS is parked now o.o

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