Thursday, December 6, 2012

Azwan Hot Time - 2pm!

Another hot time event coming up...


The box can only be opened after 3pm as usual...


The Justice Lucky Box contains;

1 X SP Reset Scroll
1 X AP Reset
1 X Aurora Ring
1 X Hair Style Coupon (REG)
1 X Hair Color Coupon (REG)
1 X Ga-cha-pon Ticket
1 X AP Reset
1 X Hyper Teleport Rock

I wonder which char to get it on… Got hair style and hair colour coupon too… dunnoe to use it or not… my SM still needs an SP reset to put 1 SP in magic crash… the rest… nothing to reset le… no Hp to wash out also… o.o unless i lvl up my pala and wash 1 point of Hp lol...

Oh wells… see how f3 

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