Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bug fixes on Azwan patch

So apart from the patch notes, there's another announcement… Bug fixes

I eagerly opened the page to see if any of the old, long standing bugs has been fixed but...

its pretty much just all the phantom and zen related bugs…


Yeah, not that those are any less important. But how about all the bugs present since years ago? Like the DC bug with PG and PR… which later 'spread' to more jobs and more skills (e.g. DS vengeance, mech's perfect armour… even phantom also can too some kind of DC bug… a client in my cwkpq batch hit the boss and tio the DC bug zzzzz)


like seriously… so many bugs that need fixing.

Like my evan perm set de cash effect gone since idk when. Still unfixed.

Stupid power reflect cannot use during bossing… 30% is a freaking hell A LOT of damage reduced you know! During 1,1 if i can on PR… i'll have like 12k hp left! More than enough for me to take tank 2 hits on zak b3 body… -.-''' a lot of difference can?

And pala no need to say… 50% damage reduction…. will help me so much for cygnus bossing!

haiz. So many bugs. -.-''' The worst thing is that those bugs are not NEW. They have been freaking there for a million years already, it shd have been more then enough time to feedback to nexon and get the devs to change the code etc, work on a fix… MORE MORE MORE then enough time seriously. PG/PR bug has been out since what? big bang? When was big bang out in msea? 18th May. 2011. That's a freaking year and a half ago and they don't have time to fix these bugs? KNS lah. They just don't fucking give a shit.

Like seriously?


ok… i shan't be so negative… at least this posting of bugs fixed is a start. A small start but still a start nonetheless. Hopefully they'll keep it up and tackle the long overdue list of bugs...

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