Friday, January 27, 2012

New Year…!

So on the 2nd day of the new year we went to watch the movie dance dance dragon… or more like i got dragged to watch it. Watching movies kinda gives me a headache and i feel like puking when watching them so...

The movie was… ok. There were quite some bit of funny concepts here and there, and the story line was decent but that's about it. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. Its just a lame little movie for laughs during CNY and that's about it… i think Already Famous would be better in terms of laughing points but i've not watched that yet...

Anyway… we went to MOF@Izangi for lunch after that. Wanted to continue our usual 'eat KFC during CNY' 'tradition' but the KFC was pretty crowded. So we ended up visiting the restaurant instead (we still have to queue for a while, not cos it was full, but cos they didn’t have enough manpower to clear the tables/cook/usher the customers in). The service was… slow… i'll blame it on the CNY holiday though. The food was good however… i was a little worried at 1st that food quality would be compromised but it wasn’t… the food came pretty fast too, much to my surprise.

Here's wat we ordered:

IMG 1756

soft shell crab curry… $14++ (prices as i remember them, on the menu. i.e. before gst, service charge..)

This one is quite curious. The curry is more on the sour side… not the usual sweet japanese curry that we normally get. Its refreshing but a little bit too sour for my liking.


IMG 1757

Tonkatsu char siew ramen… the ramen is good! Very chewy and seem closer to the one we had in Japan… the pork slices were very good too. Fatty and full of flavor.

IMG 1758


IMG 1759

Ah… the cold salmon ramen is really good! it’s the 1st time i see cold ramen in Sg and it was really good! The sauce was a little sour but very appetizing. The almond slices added a nice nutty touch. Slightly ex at like… 18 bucks i think? Its on the top of my must have list if i visit that place again though...

IMG 1760


(yes, it's raw salmon…)


IMG 1761

eeks… such a pathetic photo i took… oh wells… this is the stone pot salmon rice… or smthing like that. totally forgot the name… its basically a more japanese version of korea's bibimbap (oh yes, the restaurant sells bibimbap too)… the rice is a bit too sweet for my liking… the salmon is good though… since its raw when served but gets slightly cooked by the heat of the stone bowl. Yes the bowl is pretty hot… it was still really warm after we finished eating.

IMG 1762

Ah… the last thing we ordered… desert! The mocha ice cream is really good… really tastes of mocha… its quite interesting as they put jelly cubes and mochi balls at the bottom...


hmm… that's all for now!

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