Sunday, January 29, 2012

Megu Kawaii Pets

Hmm… its been a long time since i posted about this… but i'm still playing the game! There's been a lot of changes ever since… Such as giving a choice of login bonus and new breeds… hmm… let's go straight to the pictures shall we?

IMG 1249

IMG 1250

Now this was a long time ago… like half a year back or something...

IMG 1290

Megu racing...

IMG 1291IMG 1292

Yay… mine won… that means i get some gold. Amount of  gold won depends on the level of the opponent...

IMG 1294

IMG 1295IMG 1296IMG 1297IMG 1298

Sumo wrestling...

IMG 1299

Visiting other menu's… You can give them gifts… which would increase the closeness between you and your pet a little, depending on the value of the gift.

IMG 1300IMG 1304

I love their drawings… They're so ridiculously cute!

IMG 1314IMG 1336

My pet undergoes yet another evolution...

IMG 1337IMG 1338IMG 1340

And it happened again (and again and again)

IMG 1341IMG 1342IMG 1343

Their nicest pics are the login screens...

IMG 1398

Halloween themed Megu!

IMG 1399IMG 1400IMG 1401

While the previous one looked angelic, this one looks like a… balloon...

IMG 1402IMG 1403

And than it became a… raccoon?

IMG 1404IMG 1405IMG 1406

How about a cat with a unicorn? o.o

IMG 1407

Playing ball toss with it...

IMG 1408

IMG 1487IMG 1488

A hat? Cowboy? CowMegu?

IMG 1489

Opps… i always forget to login… than i'll stuff it with food… Too much food...

IMG 1648IMG 1649

Pilot wannabe-kitty-megu?

IMG 1650IMG 1651

Hoho… this was dec last year… and i finally decided to re-decorate the place…!

IMG 1652IMG 1735IMG 1736

Now it’s a santa-dog-megu… Perfect with my (still) Xmas themed home… only that its not Xmas anymore :S

IMG 1737IMG 1765

Ah… the new choice of login bonus i mentioned earlier… Seem like it’s the same 3 items according to your level… but placed in different boxes each time… It affects your daily bonus gold too so good luck...

IMG 1766

I got the lousy gift again today… 7900 gold instead of the 10500 i would have gotten if the login bonus wasn’t implemented :( I'd still get that amount if the gift i pick was the average one… still haven gotten the good gift yet...

IMG 1767

New adventure mode… looks excite...

IMG 1768

Wow… 2 adventures…. BUT….

IMG 1769

IMG 1770

Great… it costs 10 elixirs for each adventure… :( I do have some elixirs as gifts from the devs but… i'll just hang on to those for now….

IMG 1771

And stick to playing ball toss instead...

IMG 1772IMG 1773IMG 1774

The ball moves faster as you score more hits… the important thins is where you hit the ball. Hitting on the right side of the ball makes it goes left and so on… So you gotta be careful and try and keep the ball going to the center where your megu is… cos it can't run very fast and will miss the ball if it's hit too far away… You can bring your menu for a walk or play ball toss with it like once every… 12 hours… you can use an elixir to reset the timer but its not worth it IMO.


Hmm that's all the pics i have from Megu…. hope you enjoyed the picture spam hehe

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