Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bejeweled - Diamond Mine

IMG 1738

I love bejeweled since a long time ago… so much so that i actually PAID for bejeweled 2 on my iPhone. Actually i paid it for bejeweled blitz more than anything else… so imagine my fury when they came out with a free bejeweled blitz standalone later on…

I'm quite glad however… when i saw a tweet with a link to FB… where they were giving out coupon codes to get free bejeweled. Yes… the 1st bejeweled version got a revamp and they added in a wonderful diamond mine mode that got me completely hooked. Basically… instead of your usual bejeweled, you now have to make matches at the bottom in order to 'dig' downwards. The further down you dig, the more points the ores are worth. Making matches on its own won't give you any points. Each time you clear the ground up till where the line is, you get an additional 25 seconds and the screen shifts downwards. If you manage to clear the screen (such as by matching 2 hypercubes together), you get 70 seconds. Its quite a fun and challenging game… you have to make decisions like whether to try and save the hypercube for later (so you can match 2 together for the huge time bonus), or use it immediately. Sometimes keeping the hypercubes wastes more time as you try to work around the cube...

Some screenies:

IMG 1739

70 second mega bonus from matching two hyper cubes...

IMG 1740

IMG 1741IMG 1742IMG 1743IMG 1744


Do give bejeweled diamond mine a go… you might just get hooked on it :P

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