Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bloons TD 4

IMG 1545

Ok, so this shall be a game review of sorts… I really LOVE tower defense games, and bloons is about one of the best tower defense games i've come across. Its available online (there are 4 version already!) and on the iPhone too. EDIT: OK… as i was googling, i found out that Bloons TD 5 IS OUT ALREADY on the developer's site… not yet out on kongregate where i usually play my games though, no wonder i don't know about it… should be coming soon though… and badges yay!

Anyway, the objectives of tower defense games is to stop the bad guy from reaching the end of the path/map. In this case, its balloons that you have to stop. And its really cool cause there's all sorts of different balloons like lead balloons, camouflage bloons etc etc… There's even a M.O.A.B (Massive Ornary Air Blimp) and a B.F.B (Brutal Floating Behemoth) in the game… reading the funny comments at the end of each level is certainly a big part of the game experience… (ok, in TD5 they came up with yet another air blimp called Z.O.M.G… go figure)

IMG 1546

There's a HUGE variety of towers to chose from… From dart throwing monkeys to glue spattering monkeys to monkeys on planes and monkeys doing magic… yes, the whole bloons game started from a puzzle with a monkey throwing darts to pop balloons so most  of the defense towers are monkeys wielding some kind of weapon. With a bunch of tower upgrade, including a unique level up to unlock tower upgrade system, bloons TD 4 is one of the most addictive TD games i've come across.

Not just that, they update frequently too… previously, there was a halloween theme where most of the monkeys got a scary make over… they did it this time for christmas too. New content (maps, challenges, and even towers) gives the game a lot of value for money. Even though i've finished all the regular levels, i've yet to complete any of the maps in the Extreme levels… ok, you need to pay extra for those level though, but they are really super HARD! Even with all the double cash upgrade etc, i still couldn’t get past the 1st of those levels!

Ok, some screenshots of the xmas theme:

IMG 1547IMG 1548IMG 1549

Reindeer monkey and dart shooting xmas wreaths?

IMG 1550

Even the bloons got a makeover!

IMG 1551IMG 1552IMG 1553IMG 1554IMG 1555IMG 1556IMG 1557IMG 1558IMG 1563IMG 1564IMG 1570IMG 1571

The Xmas tree BFB!!!

IMG 1573

snowmans, gift boxes, reindeers, santa's siege… heck even the banana farms got a makeover...

IMG 1574IMG 1575

Now how about popping some balloons in a xmas tree instead?

IMG 1584IMG 1585IMG 1586IMG 1587

The xmas theme sun gods (middle of the picture, shooting out the blue laser things) looks kinda… weird?

IMG 1588IMG 1589IMG 1590IMG 1591IMG 1592IMG 1594

I played along for a while in free play mode before i got bored...


Now for some challenges on the new maps:

IMG 1595IMG 1597IMG 1598

FULL of snowman!

IMG 1599

IMG 1596


Some old SSes of the halloween themed map

IMG 1434

IMG 1435IMG 1436IMG 1437IMG 1438IMG 1439IMG 1440IMG 1441IMG 1442IMG 1443IMG 1444


Bummer… i would have wrote more, but now i'm so enticed by bloons TD 5 that i don't feel like writing anything anymore… i've GOTTO play the game… now each tower has 2 ability paths to choose from OMG… like seriously! can't wait for the game to be out on kong but i'm still gonna play it on the devs site 1st… okays… can't hold it back any longer… maybe i'll try and put in more stuff in this post later or something… tata...

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