Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random pics n such

Not been writing since there was no wifi. N cos I lazy, n those days in shanghai world expo were really crazy. So I guess I'll just talk abt some random stuff, with the random very few pics I took on my phone. Didn't take a single pic on my phone at world expo sorry... Too crowded, too hot... Too much queue cutting, squeezing etc... Things might be in a completely random order so just deal with it. N as usual tilt ur head for sideways pics cos I can't figure out how to rotate em here. N I guess I'll have to split this into a million n one entries else this app will keep crashing.

Arghs, somehow the posting failed n only part of my post was posted, n only on one bog. Sheesh!

My friends hse... The other room...

Oh wow the pics are rotated the right way when I edit the post... Bravo... -.-'''

Ha yin I rem that time u kept considering but in the end didn't buy this type of fan right? :)

Sian. Don't feel like blogging now anymore... Shall cont later or tmr...

Erm ya, just pics of tea. Took it when I went to 磁器口. Erm, not sure if I posted that already.

Some traditional food from there, name as in pic. Quite plain n hard, only ate like 1 mouth cos I was super full already. Ate 鸭血汤 before that. Super nice but it's 麻辣.
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