Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school!

Ok, schs in again, and it sucks to have 8:30 classes everyday. Hate the morning squeeze gosh.

Back from china on sun just after midnight. Still have not uploaded the pics to my comp yet :x got alot of sorting out to do... :x like 10gb worth of photos hurrah!

Yesh, Taiwan trip pics my dad save to external hard disk le, but I've not even seen them, my comp don't have enough space for all the pics... 1 trip 10++ gb. Taiwan trip my dad bring his nikon and that's probably another 10gb :x

Got all the classes I opped for this sem, guess they give priority to year 3 n 4s I guess.

My friend whom i stayed with for the past 2+ wks will be staying over at my hse till she manages to get hostel or accommodation else where. Thks to the yog I think alot of foreign students are facing accommodation problems. Heard alot of ppl can't get hostel rooms. Heh, kinda looking forward to it, 1st time a classmate ish staying over at my hse! She ain't here yet tho, got some stuffs to settle in cn and she obviously doesn't mind skipping the start of sch :p

Ok, that's all for now!

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