Friday, August 13, 2010

CQ trip day 1 n 2 cont

Think I wrote too long or smthing, the app kept crashing on me. So I'll cont from where I left off. Hmphs like 5 time retyping the bloody same thing already.

Yup so that's the expo ticket. 100 bucks each time 3 since we spending 3 days there. Tilt ur head n bare with it cos I can't change the pic orientation on my hp using this app.

Some pics of my friends rm. A little messy... Took the pics w/o her knowing while she was taking a bath... Sssshhhh! Don't tell her hor!

Her table, can see some of my stuff there too, like my trademark water bottle.

My bed! A mattress on top of two wooden planks on the floor, it's quite comfy tho

My friends bed. The mattress I'm using is taken from a bed in another room. The room faces another side of the hse n is really hot in summer so she decided to bring the mattress over instead. Really very thoughtful of her.

Thus far it's been quite good. Nothing big that I'm not accustomed with or anything. So far she hasn't brought me to try too spicy foods yet. mind the word yet.. :s. The weather is freaking hot but there's nth u can do abt it... They all knock when going into rooms tho, like when she or her mum comes into her rm, they knock b4 entering, smthing I'm still not very used to yet.

That's abt all for now, getting tired n typing on my phone takes extremely long, been at it for like 1.5 hrs already, plus the crashing n posting which took a while. Kk, signing off now tata!

Btw yin, pics of her hse as u rm pics probably tmr bah...
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