Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to sch!

sch has started... as of now i'm tippity tapping on my keyboard in the sch pantry...

managed to bring hero to lvl yest after a long night... now at lvl 5 rush. in the end i went ahead with my original plans to add rush to lvl 14 or 28 before achilles, since it is highly unlikely that i'll get a ht batch at all, and apart from ht, pb and auf haven, other bosses pretty much doesnt need achilles to survive... and i guess i wont be whacking those bosses anytime soon.

anyway my rush got a 5% range upgrade, seems pretty significant even at that slight upgrade. i'll most likely go ahead with adding till lvl 28 rush then start on achilles. unless i can get mw20 anytime in between, tho that seems unlikely unless my luck changed with the monster box event... even then i may not be opening anymore boxes.

trying to get to 173 at least b4 my 3x monthly card ends. after that i doubt i'd continue with the daily 4 hours of torture and that means i wont be lvling up at all... like at 3% per hour soloing at 164... i guess it'll drop to 2% per hour at 17X... that means say 50hours of training per lvl... real hell i tell you... pure torture!

okays, going to get back with my timetable plotting. gonna do up the SM sp allocation guide soon. 2nd time someone asked for it in the past 7 days... o.o

gotta find a time allocation to do all my stuff...
1) tutorials
2) look at lect notes, other sch stuff
3) HS db additions, updates
4) training ground guide updates - i'm very far behind in my updates now, gotta give myself a dateline
5) FAQ updates
6) hero's lounge weapon comparison part
7) website mega project...

and of cos, from 10-2am everyday i'm with my hero at skeles. gosh this is getting insane!

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