Friday, January 8, 2010

30 day marathon...

and so a 30day, 4 hours per day marathon begins at the wrong time, due to a stupid mistake.

i sent over a 3x exp card just before the 3x exp cards was withdrawn to my hero... but just now logged in to my hero to pass stuff to my friend, after that went to do the quest to get lost rudoff card at the winter place... and then decided to start torr's quest... and so w/o thinking i went into the cash shop and bravo... the 30day menace has begun... T.T

wanted to train my other char's more 1st and use finish the hunter's luck thing - 3 free 30mins of 2x exp cards that u can on anytime. but now... gahs... my night times will be gone once again. not sure how i'll do with this + sch, but i wanted to try since this time most of my days start a bit later rather than at 8:30. so yeah... still gotta buck up alot on my work... really shd do up a time table on how much time to spd doing wat... must see alot more As this sem!!! back on mapling... training hero is really... getting... tiring... considering that i'm still going solo. its like... 3% per hour w/o any buffs or cards... that's a whopping 33hours needed to lvl up once... my guildmate intro-ed me to a BS... hope can train with the BS often than can lvl faster... which reminds me to make a post in forums looking for BS to train with ><

train my aran no. 2 to lvl 37 (almost 38) yest, and NW to lvl 63 - still 25% shy of the next lvl, and to hold the scanda... wait till next week's hunter's luck i guess... gotta train my SM soon, to max lvl asap! another friend 8 lvls lower than me got higher max damage than me! with me having more str, and both of us using mw9 and rage only... gosh this is horrible! T.T sighz... my damage sux >< but at least i can pretty much 2hko skeles now... still... exp is like... hellya slow. sighz.

okays, i go make that appeal for BS bls before i forget, nitenite!

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