Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Exclusive class and the phantom of the opera

So yes...


A very exclusive new class that's just unlike ChinaMS… with skills so unlike pirates and an EXCLUSIVE link skill that costs @cash in every step. I'm SO impressed.


Well the character card system is coming up too… bleah… my pala is still lvl 17x. Been so long since i last bothered to train it. Or any of my characters for that matter.

Only been logging on for the sole purpose of CWKPQ batches...

Anyway… phantom will arrive on the 14th of Nov. Looking forward to that, but it also means i need to clear a char slot for it… as for dragon warrior? I'll probably just make it for fun in my sub account… if at all… with the link skills requiring @cash… i really don't see any incentive for making yet another class which will be abandoned.

Phantom on the other hand, is interesting. Being able to copy skills is an interesting concept, but once again, eq wise is… zzzzzzz. I aint gonna spend no more @cash on the game, none of my chars will get an eq upgrade anymore… unless say after the cygnus batches resume AND they open up more CCs for bossing and my guilds go cygnus at some more decent timing. Meh… 

I do feel like giving my hero better eqs tho, instead of pala… IF i ever get cyg runs. Cos i have a perfectly nice 34k BASE hp (ok, with eqs, not completely base hp)… which is like ridiculously hard to get now, with that change in mp gain and what not… such a waste… all that $$$ put into hp washing… bleah… meh… been playing trickster a lot more lately tho...


sighz. nothing much better to say… maybe i'll spam some old SSes instead.

MapleStory 2012 09 23 00 00 58 15

Old stuff like i said. The merlion pet package… i think the merlion looks kinda… ugly… :X well the main thing is that even with this perm pets you still have to spend loads of $$$ on the perm skills… so I'd just stick to my alien pet thank you very much.

MapleStory 2012 09 23 00 01 24 31MapleStory 2012 09 23 00 01 35 87MapleStory 2012 09 23 00 01 48 46

MapleStory 2012 09 29 23 58 50 65

i guess this is the best run i got to soo far, 8.25k points from endless tower...

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