Thursday, September 20, 2012

Enchanted Forest Update!

Yes… so yesterday we got an enchanted forest update!

Been wanting to post all the SSes i took in enchanted forest but… i was lazy… and now they updated the enchanted forest so that it'll give more rose reward! The rose rewards used to be really really bad… but now its quite worth it to do I'd say… Unless you are filthy rich and swimming in @cash already… then that's a different story. One thing to note is that you don't get any exp from enchanted forest at all… well the mobs in protect merlon give like 1 or 2 exp each but… you get the point.

Lets look at the update notice 1st:

1. Increase in the amount of Rose rewards for different quests available inside the Enchanted Forest Map


The following quests rewards found inside the Enchanted Forest Map will be increased.


Beside these changes, the amount of Rose awarded from the Merlion Defense and Endless Tower Challenge will also be increased!

▪ Please be informed the quest NPC quest box will display an incorrect amount of Rose reward after completing the quest. However, player are not to be alarmed as the amount of Rose rewarded will be same as the above mentioned NEW Reward.


2. Return of the GM Event: Flip the Coin Event


GM Event: Flip the Coin is back! This time round, everyone will have the chance to participate in this GM Event.


Previously, we have received feedback from players that some of them are unable to participate in this event due to an issue with entering into the event map. However, all these issue have been looked into by our developers and we are please to resume back the Flip the Coin Event.


Look out for the random activation of this event throughout the day and stand a chance to win bonus Rose from the Flip the Coin Event!


▪ GM Event: Flip the Coin will be activated randomly throughout the day.
▪ All characters level 15 and above are eligible to enter into the Event Map as long as they have not participate in any of the Flip the Coin Event for the day.


We hope that with all these enhancement made to the Enchanted Forest Map and the quests available through it, players will have more chances to obtain and exchange their Rose for the prize which they desire from the Bunny Merchant.


Have a good week ahead Maplers!


Happy Mapling!


-MapleSEA Administrator



Ok… so the flip the coin event is here to stay… but you don't know when it'll happen… good news for those actively playing maple no doubt. For me, i probably won't get a chance to take part in the event unless i go back to playing maple more.


Increased rose rewards from the quest is great news, but the best thing is the increase in rose rewards from the endless tower and protect the merlion. I have yet to log in after the change, but information from my guild mates say that surviving up to wave 19 of protect the merlon gives 11k+ rose, and finishing the entire 20 waves gives 13k+ rose…! That's like… 4x of the old rose rewards! In line with the 4x better quest rose rewards as well.

Ok, its screenshots spamming time. NOTE THAT ALL SCREENSHOTS WERE TAKEN BEFORE THE CHANGE, HENCE THE ROSE REWARDS REFLECTED ARE THE OLD, OUTDATED REWARDS! I'll take some SSes after i get around to logging into maple :X

MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 39 53 54MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 40 04 84

Ah yes, we finally got the SP and AP reset scroll rewards :P Finally fixed my pala sp… also reset my evan to pure int :X

MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 47 19 84

Capture the alien is back… but now its kinda troublesome cos the npc is in the event map so you have to spent more time clicking/moving :X

MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 48 54 06MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 48 59 23MapleStory 2012 09 09 21 50 23 04

i tried a few times but only got crappy rewards -.-'''

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 42 08 09

Ok… so this is the new enchanted forest map, accessed from the mirror of dimension. But i bet you've been there a million times already...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 42 17 45

Now you'll get 4k points for the quest completion instead of 1k...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 42 30 48

Same as the gaga event… just that there's absolutely no way to cheat now...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 12 24

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 32 71

Here's what you can use the rose for… 40k rose for a 3 day fairy's pendant, 60k for a 7 day pendant.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 37 10

If you screw up your SP… you now have a way to reset it!

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 39 20

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 42 15

Can get a cute little chair from here...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 43 46 15

And lastly… the most important thing… maple points! Now with the new exp rewards, if you just do the afk 30mins quest + protect merlon everyday, in 3 days you'll get enough rose to earn 500 maple points. Yup, i don't need to buy acash to revive my pet anymore! XD

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 44 08 18MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 44 17 85MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 44 47 28

Ok! so the protect merlon quest… basically the mobs you'll get is fixed… and quest gets quite boring till the final wave when poseidon comes out. Poseidon is a hefty lvl 200, so low lvls will have trouble with accuracy. That thing also has mammoth hp, plus you have limited time to kill him! My noob hero has was unable to kill him :X Forgot to on enrage earlier on tho… and didn’t start killing him the moment he appear… maybe i'll let some mobs thru the next time and see if i can try and clear wave 20 instead :X AND remember to on enrage at the start. I was left with like… 20-25% of his hp though so… that's a bit… hard :X haiz. damage too noob wat to do?

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 45 18 23MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 46 09 74

Oh yes, you can't jump in this map. Skills like slipstream works tho… so tele, chaos lock etc shd work as well tho i've not tried any of them yet.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 46 35 37

Since you can't jump, you can't jump down and have to use the tele spots to move up/down. (or you can fall through the gap in the middle… or just chaos lock/ evan's dragon blink)

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 46 45 35

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 47 34 54MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 47 43 18MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 47 56 74MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 47 58 88

Tablets are as per the patch notes description… missed out on SSing the 3rd one tho :X Nvr used the tablets before… cos I'd rather save up the points as they will get converted into rose at the end.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 49 11 04MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 53 32 90

As you can see… its quite a boring affair… just more mobs spawning from a few portals at the same time at later waves...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 22 53 45 17MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 05 29 63

Wave 20 sees mobs spawning from all the 4 portals… with poseidon spawning from > bottom at the end.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 05 53 43

its game over once poseidon touches merlion...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 08 07 37

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 08 07 96

He is ridiculously hard to kill tho… see my pala didn’t even scratch him -.-''' And yes, he walks quite fast...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 08 24 10

Now the rose rewards are much much better. Thankfully.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 11 39 85

So endless tower...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 12 11 95

Basically, round and more rounds of tower maps that you have to clear. Portals at the top (some have it near the middle) lead to the next lvl, bottom portal brings you out.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 12 56 09

There are a few types of water maps… such as this one with the scuba pepes… there's also one with risell squids. I think there's a shark map as well? 

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 17 07 21

Kill all the mobs to move to the next map! Speed is the key here… so chars like mercedes or DS would do well here. Damage is important as well of cos. The mobs get progressively harder as you climb… but IMO speed is more important than damage… cos the mobs in the tower are all rather noob. At lvl 5X my pala starts having some trouble killing the mobs. Trouble meaning that my noob guy needs 2 charge blows to kill a mob… taking more time. But not THAT much more… if you miss a rope/miss out some mobs etc you'll waste  more time moving around.

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 17 49 68

Ah didn’t get any SSes of the ice tower maps… but yes… there's a sizeable number of maps with slippery floors. Either get used to skidding or wear snow shoes. And ride your mount for faster moving speed whenever possible (well, for adv warriors at least). Also note that to start moving in a particular direction, you should jump to move faster rather then hold down your direction key...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 31 44 96

I heard that now you get 10 rose per monster kill instead… not sure exactly how much rose i'll end up getting in a single tower run… i'll have to try and see… and nope, the mobs in the towers don't give a single exp.

MapleStory 2012 09 11 14 07 25 64

My 2nd attempt at the tower gave me slightly better results… mainly cos i knew where the tele spots were already and was more used to the slippery conditions… and made lesser falling down mistakes :X

MapleStory 2012 09 11 14 12 59 46

Another random SS from 2nd merlion attempt...


Ah yes. I got bored and went to play in muling tower… my noob pala is just… too noob...

MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 39 18 46MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 40 03 35MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 41 29 45MapleStory 2012 09 09 23 58 47 09

Eventually i gave up cos… i didn’t have enough mp -.-''' i ended up having to WAIT in between levels or worst still, during levels for my mp to regenerate. Hp wise… what hp? all the mobs were dealing me like… 1 damage? Idk. I didn’t see my hp bar drop at all :X This time round the boss don't drop any pots at all so my mp was really suffering… 

In the end while afk-ing to gain mp halfway, i dc-ed. LOL. End of adventure haha!


Okays! that's all for now! XD

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