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Patch Notes - MapleSEA exclusive content: Enchanted Forest!

Yes, so there's gonna be a patch tmr! Sad? thing is… I'm away on holiday tmr till sat night! Going to bintan with a friend so yup… no mapling for me haha


Anyway, patch tmr is supposed to be from 7am till 3am. They've been quite punctual with the patches lately, so i don't think tmr they'll drag if by much, if at all… it might even end early for all we may know… (either way, i'll be leaving the house just before 8am so… :P doesn’t affect me XD )

Ok! Patch notes is out already so let's take a look at it… looks quite interesting alright… well some of it anyway.


The Enchanted Forest Patch Notes!

Dear Maplers,

The following events will be activated from 6th September 2012 onwards to celebrate the launch of The Enchanted Forest Patch!

Ok, as usual, let's look at the events one by one...

1. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest : Prologue

 The important part about this whole para of text is the following points.

• You can exchange Rose for Maple Points or any other items in the Rose shop that run in the same way as Legend shop.

• The only difference is that you will be using Rose to buy the items instead of Legend Coins.

• Maplers will be able to earn Rose upon completing the exclusive quests and Events in The Enchanted Forest.

Rose can be exchange for great items and even Maple Points(Similar as Maple Cash!) via Bunny Merchant!

So… there's a new rose currency thing…. and the picture shows that we need 40k and 60k roses to exchange for fairy's pendant… they also let us buy maple points with the roses, but no clues on the exchange rate… and the say we'll be allowed to use maple points and maple cash to buy items… from the SS it seems to indicate that we can select how much maple points to use and how much @cash to use...

hmm… i hope its not too ridiculously hard to get the maple points… i used up the last of my 3k @cash buying 5 wheel for cygnus… but ended up not being able to stand staying awake till 4:30am for the batch and quit the following week :X so yeah… waste of wheels… well the wheels will last like 3 months but like my pala? use wheels? kinda rare right… unless i get in another cyg batch but… nah :X

2. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest : Protecting Merlion (Merlion Defense) [Daily Event]

Basically, monster rush quest to get roses… like you have to survive 20 waves of mobs, and after each wave u get 100 rose, with a 500 rose bonus if u survive till the end. Opps, not u survive, but the merlon survive haha. You can only do this once a day… there's also some point system thing that u can use to buy buffs. Unused points will also add to the amt of roses u can get at the end… i wonder how hard the mobs will be… like can my hero and pala clear all 20 rounds with my noob noob eq? :X The guy in charge of conserver blog is out of town… no extractions :( aw… patch links not out yet but i believe the patch itself is already uploaded and yeah… u can find the links by just changing the url :P

There's also 2 quests that require u to get 100 quest item drop from mobs… not sure about the quest rewards tho.

3. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest : Endless Tower [Daily Event]

Hmm this one… you climb up a tower and kill mobs on ur way up. each kill = 4 rose. No idea what's the highest floor possible… you can go in the tower as many times in a day as you like, but u can only collect the rose accumulated in a single run ONCE a day… Time limit of 20mins per run.

4. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest : The King of Rock Paper Scissors [Daily Event]

Usual scissor papers stone thing… but this time u can only play once a day, and will win rose if u win 2 out of 3 rounds. How much rose? No idea.

5. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest : The Hat [Daily Event]

Basically, afk in maple for 30 mins and get some rose.
6. [EXCLUSIVE CONTENT] The Enchanted Forest [GM Event] : Flip the Coin

Its like the X/O event… just that its heads or tails and the answer is totally random, just like flipping a coin. So it all depends on luck… the luckier you are, the more rose you'll win. There's a total of 10 rounds and you can win a max of 50k rose… if you're super duper lucky. It seems like you can go as many times in a day as you want. Invitation is like the miwok boys and ahi raid - via a letter abv your head… and just like those, you won't get the invite if you're in some pt area, or the free market or ardent mill maps. No mention of when the event is… once every hour maybe? o.o

7. [System Event] Maple High School Event(Event Date: 03/10/12 2359hrs[GMT+8] – 31/10/12 0859hrs[GMT+8])

From 3rd to 31st Oct… 

How to Play
• Requirement: Your character must be Lv.10 or above. The dungeon is solo-based only.
• NPC Boss Kumi will be in Event Map. Talk to her to go to her homeroom class.
• You can venture deeper into the school for free once per day. Subsequent entries each day will require the use of a Maple High School Key, available only in the Cash Shop. Each key will be consumed after one use.
• The goal is to get as far into the school as you can before time runs out!
• After completing each room’s challenge, you will be awarded Friendship points.
• You’ll be able to choose which of the Four Pillars of Heaven you want to apply earned Friendship Points toward.

No idea how much friendship points you'll get from each entry...


Looks great! Perm badges with wa… supreme badges have 6wa at that! COOL right? Until you see the cost. 888m meso……… zzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! like WTF???? Not a prob for those peeps with a million cyg runs… but me? no $. k thx bye.

Heck even the badge with 1wa costs 188m….. i think at most i'll get is the 8m badge that gives 4 stats.

8. [System Event] Capture the Alien Event (Event Date: 06/09/12 – 03/10/12)

Repeat event. Here comes the star over a tree chair all over again. Same as last time… catch the aliens… well if you're hard working tho, u can farm puds with this event. That's assuming the rewards from the capsule are identical as last time (but it most probably will be). What are puds? Power Up Drink. +25wa for 30mins… or did they change the stats? Useful now? Nope, not at all with rage adding 30wa...

9. [System Event] Triple-Tri-Trio Event! (Event Date: 06/09/12 – 03/10/12)

Same old thing. AFK for 5 hours to get 150% bonus exp for every 3rd mob killed. AKA 1.5x exp. Good thing if you're grinding and have a good comp. You can leave it on overnight to charge the hours and have permanent 1.5x exp. For me? Nah… i can't even be bothered to go drpq on my pala nowadays :X opps.
10. [System Event] Eliminate Eregos (Event Date: 06/09/12 – 03/10/12)

Same as the last event which i missed. Rewards from the boxes are… the same i think?

• Pet Equipment ATT/Magic ATT Scroll 60%
• Special Potential Scroll
• Weapon ATT/Magic ATT 60%
• Accessory Attack/Magic Attack Scroll 15%
• Accessory Stat 60% Scroll
• Chaos Scroll 60%
• Random level based weapon
• Random level based armors
• Trait Consumption Items
• Reindeer Milk
• Sunrise Dew

11. [System Event] Random Beauty Coupon Event (Event Date: 19/09/12 – 03/10/12)

Same old event… not sure if i'll be bothered to hunt the tix….

12. [System Event] Welcome New Maplers! (Event Date: 19/09/12 – 03/10/12)

Giving out some rewards… for new chars in entirely new accounts only. Not affect here.

13. [System Event] Cassandra’s Spring Flower Festival (Event Date: 03/10/12 – 17/10/12)

Gives some buff… i think the last time they gave like… 1.5x meso drop and 1.x5 drop rate buff? not bad for hunting papu i guess?

14. [System Event] Lost Miwok Artifacts! (Event Date: 03/10/12 – 17/10/12)

NPC Kopee Relicseeker needs help searching for the Lost Miwok Artifact!
Complete the quest In Search of the Miwok Artifact and you will be rewarded with 3 new rewarding quests!

• The Legendary Tribal Ring: Circle of Ancient Thought (repeatable after 5 minutes)
• The Legendary Tribal Ring: Circle of Ancient Strength (repeatable after 5 minutes)
• Soft and Cozy Chief’s Chair (repeatable)

Ah… so the two rings are back… not sure about the chair tho… i rem the last time we needed like cash items or something to get the chair… this time idk.

15. [System Event] Help a Snipe (Event Date: 03/10/12 2359hrs[GMT+8] – 31/10/12 0859hrs[GMT+8])

Same quest is back...

Notable rewards: 

Elixir, PE, ACP, Enhancement scroll, palm tree beach chair

You also get the same chicly face beak with 5wa and 5ma and lasts for 30 days. 

I say ACP, elixir and PE cos those are the ones that i'll actually use and not throw out right after receiving them :X

16. [System Event] Halloween Event (Event Date: 03/10/12 2359hrs[GMT+8] – 31/10/12 0859hrs[GMT+8])

Ahhhhhhh halloween event is back… i was hoping the chair will remain rare/exclusive… i'll probably try and get the chair on my… pala and other new chars? maybe. Not sure if you still need to pt up with like 2 other peeps to get the chair and all. They show the witch belt in the header too, but no idea with THE legendary witch belt with wa and free chaos scrolls are really gonna be back. Some unknown thing to the right side of the chair as well… 

17. [Bugs Fixed] Bugs Fixed!

Missing npcs are back… at least so they say. I sure hope the mirror in ludi is back. PG and PR bugs are obviously not mentioned, and I'm 99.9999% sure that they won't be fixed.

Marriage system is back… watever for :X

18. [Download] : The Enchanted Forest Patch

links still not out yet so...



YUP! That's all for the patch! A bunch of new daily quests to do for the rose and maple points… and there's the maple high school and halloween event in October...


Ok! that's all for today XD

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