Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AS why you troll us?

So much so for the supposed 7 hours of 2x exp.

I was actually expecting something like that to happen honesty... like they forgot to activate the 2x, or epic lag, or server/channel crash... or rollbacks... but what do we have now? Just a extremely long urgent server check. Trolled by AS... but that's really the norm these days.

And what do bored maplers do? We troll back.

Dear Maplers,

We are pleased to announce that the 7 hour 2x exp and drop will be re-scheduled. We are now having an urgent meeting to decide the new 2x exp/drop scheduled. We will let you know of any new developments ASAP.

Currently we predict that the 2x exp/drop will occur before the end of the world on the 31st of December 2012.
 By pegakok here:

Originally Posted by moudikmage View Post
Dear maplers,

We are gladly announced that

2x time slots are postponed to 1630 to 0400

omg, killmeplsok?
7-hour of 2x event becomes 2-hour of 7x event?

blah. i'm bored.... finished reading my techland articles. Trying to look for a site/tool which i dismissed thinking it completely useless a while back, but on hindsight could be extremely useful.... but i cant find it. Stupidly forgot the name of the site, and how i came across it sighz.

Trolled by AS once more. Aquila up... everyone rush to log in, find pt at monster park... and then? No 2x exp! Bravo...! Not sure what time i started my monster park run... but others have reported that at 5:26pm, 2x exp suddenly stopped. Bravo!

EDIT: eventually we were given a 2x exp from 6-12pm. where did our 7th hour go? o.o

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