Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Maple Diary....


I'm bored. Got trolled by AS today... want maple but then got server check. Sighz.

If not for the supposed 7 hours of 2x exp, i'll be happily playing trickster already.


Ok, so its 2:33pm already. Still cant go into the game.  I'm busy refreshing the urgent server check announcement page to see if they'll call for an extension...

EDIT: 2:54pm... still no news lalalala.

EDIT: oh finally some news:
-Server Check will be extended to 1530hrs(+8GMT) as fixing of inconsistent channels crashing are still going on.

EDIT: Hohoho... its 2 minutes to 4pm now. and server still isnt up yet. Finished reading all the latest Techland articles... off to find more stuff to read.

EDIT: time = 4:49pm. still cant get in. blocked at gateway selection page. And i've already made finish the soup-base for my family's hotpot dinner later.

EDIT: wow, i can finally LOG in. But aquila is still down. It is now 4:51pm.

EDIT: Aquila down till further notice... Wow... the rests get 2x exp from 5pm till midnight wow... maple is encouraging us to sleep late!

EDIT: 5:12pm. finally logged in to my pala successfully.

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