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Ice Knight Tips and more

Ok… been doing ice knight PVP a bit, whenever i log in maple (which is really not very often) to get the 1 emblem from the quest… its really hard to get the required 500 points (for the daily emblem quest till end of dec) for my noob evan and mech, both of which are only 11X...

Ok, let me give an intro the the ice knight mode 1st. A total of 10 players are needed before each round can stay. Each round lasts a max of 7mins, but most of the time it ends faster as players take less time to kill the ice knight. One RANDOM player each round is chosen to be the ice knight… Here are the skills the ice knight will have (take from msea webpage)

Ice Chop:

Ice Knight Ice Chop


Ice Smash:

Ice Knight Ice Smash


Ice Tempest:

Ice Knight Tempest


Ice Curse:

Ice Knight Ice Curse

The skills are activated combo aran style… with a meter you have to charge up by hitting players… so keep your normal attack key somewhere on the keyboard - you'll need it if you're lucky enough to be ice knight. I only got ice knight once on my hero, and somehow i could activate the skill properly and ended up with a real messily 6xx points. Really pathetic for a ice knight… but somehow the only skill i could activate was only ice chop… zzz! None of the combos came out! Maybe if was cos my normal attack key was in a really out of the way position at 'J', and so I couldn’t get the key pressing timing properly… plus its been a really long time since i played my aran… :X not that good at activating the aran combos till i got some practice… like i still can't activate that pushing skill properly on aran, couldn’t get it to come out every time (and after that i stopped playing aran before i mastered it…)

MapleStory 2011 12 09 14 52 53 47

Ah, there you go, now you can see all the combo keys to activate the skills… the great thing about being ice knight (apart from being able to get tons of points if you don't suck like i do) is that you don't keep dying… (cos when you die, its game over)… it felt weird that the black screen of death wasn’t coming out every 30 secs… Ok… now on to the main part of the article...


Here's some stuff i found out about PVP - ice knight mode… (Note both of my chars are doing the lvl 70+ PVP bracket!)


Best skill to use: Lightning (3-4 points per hit) and Earthquake (8 points)

Yes, believe it or not… that lightning skill which has long ago gotten banished from my keyboard shortcuts is actually the best skill to use in PVP, giving 3 or 4 points each time you hit the ice knight. Earthquake is great at 8 points per hit too, so its best to set it as one of the hotkeys so you know when it has cooled down - yes, earthquake as a CD time in PVP. The rest of the skills give points as follows:

Thrust - 2 points (has a CD too!)

Killer wings - 2 points (eeps, my memory fails me, is it 1 or 2 points? either way, not worth using!)

Magic flare - 2 points

Phantom Imprint - 2-3 points

Eh… didn’t test out the rest of the skills :X



Best skill to use: Punch Launcher (3 points) and Siege Mode (a bunch of points per round of bullet fire, hard to see how many points…)

Punch launcher and atomic hammer both gives 3 points per hit, but the range of punch is way longer… and considering the pathetic hp and how fast mechs die, the longer the range, the better. Siege mode gives a bunch of points per hit, but it really depends on the ice knight whether to use it or not. I've had rounds where the ice knight kept going after me (the only mech in the round). Every single time i siege mode, he came over to kill me before i could even get much points… so in the end i wasted more time dying and remounting my mech etc than it was worth it for that messily few points from like, 1-2 secs of siege mode. Also, if the ice knight keeps jumping all about (going out of siege mode's range) it might not be worth it going into siege mode often… since you're stuck to the ground until the 5 secs of siege mode is over… essentially you'll be wasting 5 secs of time… as if we don't die often enough already. The best would be if you can keep your distance and punch launch/siege mode, getting your points AND not dying (or getting turned into snails).

Other skills:

Gatling gun - 1 point (SO PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!)

Atomic hammer - 3 points

Satellite - gives points too, but i can't tell how much… range of this skill is quite short - if satellite is in range to hit the ice knight, the ice knight is in range to hit you too, so you better make sure he's facing the other direction or you should move!

Drillhands - erm… was either 1 or 2 points, but this skill has a CD...

Flame launcher - 1 point per… count of damage

I think we get points for damage reflect from perfect armor too, but mechs die too fast to use this as any sort of strategy really, waiting 5 secs to respawn and than a few more secs to remount and rebuff really makes us lose more points.



Both classes are pathetic in the number of hits they can sustain in PVP. Always try and stay out of range of the ice knight… for evans, lightning is a bit of short in range though, so make sure you tele around to follow the ice knight when he moves. Try and stay BEHIND the ice knight, and if he turns around either move back (tele or dash), or move PAST the ice knight so that you end up behind him again (tele, or drill hands - drill hands has a CD tho! Make sure the skill has CDed or you didn’t just use it either you'll end up rooted to the ground and most likely die a horrible, icy death). Staying away from the ice knight is necessary to avoid the ice tempest and ice curse (turns you into a snail) skill… ice tempest can take out like… half of evans/mechs hp at once… so if your hp wasn’t that much to begin with, you're off to wait for 5 seconds. Ice curse is really irritating too, and feels like the time you stay as a snail varies? Unless you are low on hp (and hence will die soon after changing back), its more worth it to run from the ice knight though… in all the times i tried, getting killed by the ice knight and waiting for the 5 secs took longer than waiting for the snail effect to wear off. Also, you'll have to rebuff (and remount for mechs) after getting turned into a snail so… its best if you can stay further away and (hopefully) avoid the effects of the curse.


ok… since i took some screenies… let's post them shall we? (and also cos mars edit is such a wonderful tool for handling pics and such XD - still debating whether to spend that 40USD to buy it tho… but now i'm soooooo tempted to!)

MapleStory 2011 12 09 13 57 01 27

one of the rare times i got such a high score on evan… many a times i hit 4xx, just shy of 500 :S


MapleStory 2011 12 09 15 30 16 00

ah… yet another time with 60x


MapleStory 2011 12 09 15 36 16 89


MapleStory 2011 12 09 16 21 29 50

oh… this was actually a level up SS… just that with the stupid BP thing you can't see the level up words :(

MapleStory 2011 12 09 16 46 17 74

I think this is the best score i got on evan. EVER. (ice knight mode that is). See i actually earned 100% exp already and still didn’t get a chance to be ice knight (for the ice knight medal quest!)

MapleStory 2011 12 10 00 24 52 51


MapleStory 2011 12 09 16 57 54 02

Here's the ice knight medal - stats are so-so, but it gives a bit of charm… was it 50 or 100? eh… forgot :X To get it you have to start the quest (its an event quest btw) from the cursed knight between 2-4pm (yes, only appears during that timing) at henesys. You don't have to complete the quest between that timing tho… once you become the ice knight, you'll be able to collect your medal reward from that npc in the middle of the PVP waiting room? whatever her name is called :X

MapleStory 2011 11 25 15 28 05 84

its much much easier for my hero to get points in pvp… but still… compared to the points i get BEFORE they nerfed everyone's hp in pvp, this is nothing… sighs.


Okays… i think that should be all for now… anyone need advice on hero ice knight mode? Just on your buffs, stick to the ice knight and spam brandish/IS. You get points for reflecting damage with power guard so make sure that skill is on… its quite a pain in the ass to keep turning on all the 1000 buffs we have but yeah… you should be having any problem getting 500 points on warriors right?

kays… that's all for now!

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