Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anyone missed me?

Hello! anyone missed me? back.... exams are over! yeah... stopped myself from blogging cos of the exams... but last paper ended yest!

i did patch my maple sometime back, but i was too lazy to update....

hmm... professions...

my hero got mining and jewel crafting, my mech got mining n blacksmithing... and evan went herbalism and alchemy. managed to get all of them to lvl 7/5 for the rewards from the event a few days back... nothing good from the rewards tho, just the 4 slot bag... which my evan really needs cos i'm so out of etc item space with all the herb flowers and seeds and stuff....

totally no mood to maple now tho. pvp was fun. for a while... till the capture the flag came and the changes that totally ruined pvp. now there are hackers on pvp too... its like now its even hard for me to get 1.5k points on hero. absolutely ridiculous...! i spend more time reviving and re-buffing after i died than i spend actually HITTING others. really PATHETIC. totally killed my mood to maple after that... how the heck will i be able to get emblems like this???? esp on my mech who dies before i can even finish 1 siege mode... zzzzzzzzzzz! warriors just suck big time in pvp now. we can run anywhere... and we die in 7 hits... easy enough for any range attackers to kill....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pathetic! so yeah... no mood to play maple at all.

previously was busy with all the sch projects, finding fyp etc... so its been like... eons since i last did anything on hs. with all the new patch contents being total rip offs from gms, it seems like there's no point anyway... just get a mechanism to let us port data from gms over to the hs-sea side... someone iboxed AS and asked if they could help us out with the data/info stuff, but we only got a negative reply...... oh wells... i'll talk to jon/saigo probably next week or smthing to see wat i shd do... i do feel a lot like quiting hs, and maple.... well it is abt time after all... i'm not that young anymore... and maple is just way too SGD oriented to play these days... i absolutely DESPISE those ppl who buy mesos. yes, i'm talking abt someone in the lounge whom everyone else dislikes too. shant say more, but if you're reading this, u know who you are. and don't bother requesting bl again. i wont accept it. your. attitude. is. pathetic.

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