Monday, December 12, 2011

Forum Getting Faster? Or not?

Hmmm is the forum getting faster or not? Previously was still taking years to load… now it seems a slight little bit better… but regardless… the lag was enough to stop me from spamming in AS backyard already… and enough to put my whole lounge into deserted mode. It was getting all lively already and now… its all dead again. Doesn’t help that i'm hardly on maple or the forums, but even than i'm still like… the most frequent poster there? There was once i got 5 posts in a row or smthing over the course of 2 or 3 days… yes… no one else visited… makes it kind of lonely yeah?
oh yeah… and i reached forum paladin long ago...
Screen capture 10
At the rate things are going though… i'm never ever gonna update the hero's lounge 1st page, or my training grounds guide anymore… in fact, i'm closer to quitting maple than anything else… meh… if not for last week's ht, i'm all ready to let go and quit maple… guess you can say that i've semi quitted already… actually i have semi quitted since the time i hit 200… or even before that… (just that i made that last desperate serge to hit 200). Now there isn't much to do… an occasional pvp for the BP, or exp on other chars… hunting a bit of dews… or getting the excavation points…
MapleStory 2011 12 09 19 06 12 12
managed to get this medal… 10 spd and 10 jump is pretty good, but i already have max spd and jump so… meh… maybe i should try and get this medal on evan and mech… oh… and UA…. it'll be quite useful… :X
MapleStory 2011 12 09 19 57 12 76
Managed to get this power suit coupon from the artifact hunt gift box… meh… another item to take up my use inv slot… as you can see…. i still have all the hot air ballon etc mob riding skills from the event super duper long ago… i shd just use them up, take SSes, and be done with it or smthing :S
The 2nd gift box i got gave me carrot juice… which gave 100 or 150 insight when used… or something… watever… all i knew was that my insight managed to lvl up once… and the item is untradable so yeah...
oh yes… have i ever posted this before? The hero lounge banners - which are a bit outdated now but still nice anyway… made by saphy n oodin...

oh and this is a little banned story pic i made a long time back… wanted to make a new banner but yeah… this was as far as i got...
BannedStory image

k, that's all for now!

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