Monday, October 17, 2011

Mass banning in forums - trying to cover their backside?

Seems like there's mass banning in forums... mass locking of threads too... trying to surpress the truth about the situation eh? *clap* Ppl getting banned for posting abt crashes and roll backs??? WOW. GO FIX THE SEVER PROBLEMS INSTEAD DUDES.

Heard that maple accts are getting slammed with 3 year bans for no reason... i sure hope my accts didnt get banned... still have not logged in maple so...

On a side note: i cant stand ppl who pay tons of cash to buy maple items and mesos, than go ard showing off their damage. Its precisely cos of these ppl that hackers flourish. They have the 'if i dont buy, someone else will still buy' kind of WRONG mentality... really cant stand those ppl... not just the fact that they are using the wrong method to get their results... i also don't see anything to flaunt abt... its not like you did any hardwork for it... u merely paid up. trying to flaunt off your riches? go elsewhere pls.

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