Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tons of new maple updates ahead!

Tons of new maple updates ahead… There’s the new pq n weapon set coming up in tmrs patch… New evan related events, balance patch coming soon… Gosh I hate how it’s all coming during my exams period! Arghs!!!

i must wait… wait… 7th of may - freedom day!!!

okays. a couple of days ago my lappy died. sent it for repair yest... god knows how long they are gonna take (and how much its gonna cost, warranty ended le)

i really hope there's no need to reformat, cos i didnt backup my data recently, so all my assignments, lecture notes, quiz excel cheat sheet that i made, maple SSes, warrior's calculator, aran quest info for HS etc will be gone if the lappy has to be reformated... lect notes i can re-dl again.... but everything else.... and gosh it took me so long to get the calculator where it was... i had ALL the damage range (max and min, swing and stab) for ALL crusader and hero skills calculated out, for every lvl of combo and AC, and for EVERY no. of orb... gosh that took me SOOOO long to do... esp the part where i had to correlate combo/ac lvl with the no. of orbs. i.e. if u ac lvl was 1, orbs 7 to 10 will show an error msg instead of some numbers. and gosh, all that copying of damage multipliers of every lvl or every skill too me very long too... T.T gosh why did my lappy had to have an error just 1 week before my exams... why why why???????????????????????????????????

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