Monday, April 5, 2010

Flairgrave completed!

Yes! Finished collecting my 4.5k coins and made my flairgrave last night. Wa105, 2 str. Slightly abv average and give me a higher range than my rk. No pics since I'm on my phone once again. Unfortunately my noob att means it's not possible for me to 100% 2hko skele with def up. W/o def up probably still can make it, havengo try yet, only whacked a few eruwaters yest. Quite nice to see them missing on me haha.... Went for flair in the end rather than the blue spear tho I love blue more and it's 500coins cheaper cos blind is more useful compare to slow.
Don't dare to scroll it tho... Too precious... Wait till I make another one 1st haha. Just that the coin collecting will take quite a while and buying a cheap dragon carabella is a huge headache.
Ok. Lecture has reaumed, tata

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