Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing inaction

Lol. Long time no blog as usual. Got my sm to max lvl at last. N got an iPhone during the is show as my 21st bday pressie :) using it to blog now while on my way to sch haha. So can't upload any pics of my sm reaching lvl 120. Heh, abandoned my sm liao, w/o even trying the koc echo. Oh wells, the lvl 12 bless was all I'm after.
Sch is ending le, aka exams are coming hais. Means that my inactivity with all maple stuff will continue... Speaking of which, I've decided to spend like 37bucks a month to afk train my hero thru fishing... Like gain ard 1.3to 2% in two hours of fishing... Well at least my exp bar will move... else I'm gonna stay at 179 forever le. Gain only 1.5% or so per hour soloing at skele with spirit pedent.. and it'll only get worst zzZ. At least now by just afking I can lvl up in 60-70 days...
Okays. Can't think of much else to talk abt now. Haiz, wish me luck for my exams

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