Friday, November 20, 2009

Long time dream...

finally... the video i wanted to make eons ago abt training at gobies for crusaders is FINALLY completed! wanted to make the video ever since i was 9X or 10X and still at gobies... now 15X already... finally finished the video yay!

Presenting to you guys:

Darkiller's Guide to Training at Gobies

my First ever attempt at video making, the 2nd track is way softer than the rest, i already tried to make the other tracks softer but still... if you dont turn on the volume loud enough, the beginning of the 2nd track wont be heard at all >< i did all the video editing then just dumped the sound tracks in so yeah, the 2 are kinda disconnected... too bad, i made the video with the content in mind rather than making a pretty one that'll mesh the music and graphics together nicely (plus i'm not that good yet)... windows movie maker is really limited too... i nid to get a beter video making software the next time round. all in all i hope the video will at least be useful to a few ppl trying to learn coma timing at gobies... took like... 1 day to take the raw clips and mesh things halfway together, finished meshing up the video the next day, stopped at credits cos dunnoe what sound tracks to use... found the sound tracks to use last night, put it in, final editing... spend over 2hours uploading o you tube TWICE but BOTH FAILED! re-save in smaller file size (lower quality bleh) and finally uploaded finish at 3am this morning.

also started training my aran char. got to lvl 31 on the 1st day, didnt play much yesterday, still at lvl 38, 99%. here's some SS of my noob aran.

The above 2k combo i got at scorpions, not the highest you can get or anything, but its MINE :D. well i got bored after a while, fingers started hurting, and decided to stop wasting pots (i was missing ALOT)

the mcpq one is swap mc - they summoned max teddies (F1) and speed protector, my pt member a lvl 34 striker with horrible damage, he just opted to sit out of the mcpq... then that round he just didnt hit anything altogether and subsequently went offline...

That's all i have for now, hope u like the video!

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