Monday, September 21, 2009

Scar Re-Helmed!

Yes! i have managed to get back my scar helm! and no i didnt dc, nor did i die. i watched my hp bar really carefully this time haha...

was invited by my bl two days ago to his guild's scar session... i was the only one not from his guild there... lol... strange thing... the last time i was invited by my bl to scar it was also his guild's scar session and i was the only 'outsider' there. sadly that time vista was really buggy with maple and i dc-ed at b2... today i installed the vista service pack 1... either that or the vista dc bug was more or less fixed and i managed to survive the whole run. HOWEVER... at the start of the battle i went to toggle from windows mode to full screen mode, then immediately got  graphic problem liao... normally like that i will dc in say at most 10mins time... but amazingly today nvr dc... later got an SS u can see what i mean by graphic problem... once i see kena graphic problem i quickly toggle back to windows mode... didnt help >< the left middle to top of the screen was gone, i can see anything there le. open party, buddy/guild window... cant see a thing. open inv window at the end to check my scar helm stats also cant see a thing... only see the background nia. its like my windows have all become transparent. aft that the other survivor want donate some mesos i also cant see anything in the trade window. end up tikum tikum managed to guess and click the cancel trade button then tell him meet at kumpung while i restart maple...

so yeah, the story goes like this: (copy from my forum post)
went in to a 157 and 12X BS, a 137 hero, 142 DK, 130 BM... and that was all the attackers we have i think... yeah... 5 ppl plus me = 6 in a pt... got 3 vip also...

but then... once reach b3 not long later... cos so many ppl very crowded i cant see properly... then i rush wrong side... BM die... bs revive... aft a while... rush wrong side again -.- really didnt help that i got graphic problem... like the middle of the screen only can see boxes and not the actual thing... lucky nvr dc sia... last time like dat not long later dc liao. then aft that... 12X bs diu cos she kena crazy skull and walk wrong direction... then the other hero diu... >< all diu so sudden lah... then dk diu... no more hb liao... (thk god for my hp washing) left me n bs and like 60% or more left... all seems to go fine... then dunnoe wat happen bs also diu... >< left me and 2 vip... 1 vip dunnoe why diu earlier i also nvr notice. left more than 50% and a noob 152 hero with NOOB eq... zzz then i wanted quit liao... said something like lets go out... then one of the vip come down n suicide... the other one didnt mind waiting as long as i continue... so i whacked on... took ard... 1hr 30mins? used... 700 honsters and over 200-300 pizzas... didnt keep track of how much mp pots i had...

drops: just nice 2 helm... i dam unlucky, got the lousier one... 17,17,18,18... whereas the other guy got 19,18,18,18 >< lucky at least the spd is +11.... 1 str and 1 dex i still dont care that much.
1 brown moon gloves from 1 of the scar mob summon. no one take i go loot haha
concerto... lvl 100 pirate gun...
27 sunrise dew
31 milks
xbow att 60
wand ma 60
spear att 60
ear int 60
staff ma 60
shoe dex 60
berserk 20
holy shield 20
plus the scarlion boss foot of cos... and 1.5m that the vip guy kindly donated... its my friend guild scar run so vip no nid sponsor one... but still, drops more than good enough liao... WHEE. and i NVR DC!

the only ss i took during the battle... cos as u can see, my maple is in windows mode. switched to full screen at the start of the battle then kena those graphic problem u see at the <<< side of the screen... switch back also no use >< still i'm glad i didnt dc or diu... tho i got see my hp drop to 4k, 1k a few times... oh yeah with PG the max damage i was dealt ard 6.4k only... so still ok.

heh sorry for the long grandmother story... but really glad i can go bossing liao... dc problems over!

yupz, aft that went farm and try out at bye bye stn also... 13 eq in 17mins! drop rate at bye bye stn back to normal le! hehe... really happy today... the bossing life of a hero can being liao. FINALLY, i will be able to experience what it means to be a TRUE hero...

why this run is really impt to me... not only did i increase my bossing skills, i also take the scar run as a limus test as to whether i can go zak again. since i didnt dc at scar, i shdnt at zak either. right when i became 13X, 14X was the dc bug... and it took soo long to get fixed... turned down/failed so many scar runs that for a while i thought i wont get my scar helm ever again... guess things are finally going the right way for once!

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