Sunday, September 13, 2009

blah.... noob sword

yupyup, finieshed hunting my 1st set of 45 tp yesterday... but the result of using a stim, an adv dia, int power cry, and int black cry was a 110wa and 3 str sword.... zzzzzzz below average.... considering how i spent most of my $$$ on scrolls already.... i throw in a it boomed on the 1st slot... joy joy.... before that i cldnt resist n got a hammer to scroll my bwg.... failed the 60% sigh... on another note both my hero n SMed lvled yesterday... guess i'mm gonna focus more on my SM... nid him to be able to farm at bye bye station or other places... SIGHZ

gng for a 130 and abv 1H... not possible to get w/o spamming at 30% of that lousy sword i made, so i dont regret my decision to put in the 30%, just wish i had better luck when making the sword but oh wells...

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