Sunday, January 17, 2016

Glorious Vainglory

Recently a new season just began on Vainglory! Featuring the new hero Reim. I'm loving Reim so far. As a Celeste user... I find Reim very similar to Celeste. Think of it as a melee version of Celeste. It can both jungle and lane effectively, though laning at the start of the game against aggressive players would be slightly challenging - as with all characters with melee basic attacks trying to lane. Once you get some crystal power, and perhaps, an hourglass, laning becomes much easier.

Here's a bunch of screenshots from playing as Celeste and Reim.

I tried taking a few screenshots during gameplay but... accidentally ended up exiting the app completely a few times -.-... Probably have to do it with the phone hooked up to the lappy next time... 

Yes. Playing it safe and only taking screenshots when I'm dead + we won. Hahaha.

Just love the 3rd win and 7 day bonuses!

Level 20 is the max you can get. I reached level 20 long ago... Though the same can't be said of my rank. Ha! Still a long way from being a pro.

Hmm. That's all for now!

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