Sunday, January 3, 2016

Call of Champions

I've been playing some MOBAs, or Mobile Online Battle Arenas recently... Vainglory would be my favourite. But today, I'd like to share some videos from another MOBA I like - Call of Champions.

With a super fast paced, quick gameplay of 3-5 minutes, this is the perfect game for when you just have that little bit of time to spare. Unlike other MOBAs that takes 20-30 minutes a game, Call of Champions let's you get in a quick fight during your break. Each game lasts no longer than 5 minutes - the game is forcefully ended even if no clear winners emerge by then. The winning team will then be calculated based on the number of towers destroyed, or if that's the same, the number of hero kills per team.

When playing MOBAs... I realised that somehow ranged/mage characters are easier to pick up for me than high HP tanks. Somehow I prefer standing at a distance and sniping. That was the case for me with Vainglory too.

Anyway, here's two videos I took today with the in-game record feature. Enjoy! (PS: Sorry, the first video has no sound... I usually play games with all the sound off hahaha!)

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