Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello, I'm still alive!

Hi there! Yes its been so long since i last posted. I’m way, way more active in LJ but yeah… Its like since I’ve not posted in so long, it becomes hard to start posting here again… but whatever. Finally decided to break the ice. Maybe next time round I’ll post something with more… content then this haha...

Have not mapled in a while… but i did drop by msea to play Hayato. Still have not checked out Kanna though, and don’t feel any urge to either...

Hmm… guess its been so long since I last posted… i’ve not even posted anything about my KMS adventures. Got into KMST too, but have not logged in that much either. In fact its been so long since I last posted that… my Zero has already reached level 200 in KMS. LOL…! Oh wells... till next time :P

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