Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woots, its a new month...

and i've not been on mac for like... 2 days already... hence no marsedit and no SS uploading :P too lazy to do it the old school manual way... plus i have too many SSes to share. done exploring fantasy theme park dungeon and the kaede castle dungeon... and also tried out the cooking part quest thing. very nice exp sia. been doing loads of cwkpq prequests on my chars... added my bam and CS to the list of chars with marker, map and keystone... and also finally got the keystone on my nw. also did the zak prequest on my phantom... and guess what...? i actually went to do two times and the 2nd time i passed BOTH JQ is ONE TRY! That's like a huge breakthrough for me... considering last time i was still taking an hour to clear. and the thing is even in the first try i was making a lot of stupid mistakes and took like... what... 40mins or 1 hr to clear. so tedious... yeah... so i think i'll go clear for the rest of my chars too. practice makes perfect afterall... gonna start with the worst char first... evan with teh big dragon >< lets see i have... evan, DS, and CS to clear bah... the rest a bit too low lvl... stock up my EoF also haha... k now off to do the first prequest :P

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