Friday, July 6, 2012

My New Slayer!

Yupyup! so i made my DS... erm.... 2 days ago.

It hit 9x yesterday... Its a great thing sch hols are over, cos its possible to find empty channels at RJPQ again. Really really much faster farming in there than whacking mobs outside.

EDIT: while waiting for the stupid SSes to upload, i trained and trained all the way till 109... bleah... 1 lvl short to wear my new weapon

This is how i trained my slayer to lvl 70 this time round - all can be done in less than half a day - which was the time i took:

10-30: storyline quests, resistance quests, whack mob around edelstein
30-51: MCPQ
51-61: Monster park - temple of darkness (ran out of tickets at lvl 61. And yes the 1.5x legends exp tickets are great!)
61-70: Ghost ship 2 (Singapore). Stand on the 3rd step and use normal attack and soul eater. Soul eater can hit both the top and bottom lane! Wonderful isnt it? Best thing is that gs2 is pretty much deserted so you wont have trouble finding maps - no need to share maps with ppl in mp3 and all.

I'll probably adopt a different strategy for my DS2 and DS3 though, since those chars have much less eq, and heck, they dont even have a lvl 24 bless of koc :X

Skills too... i've been playing around with the order of adding skills for my cs2/3 and merc2/3. Adding them according to how i intend to train that char. Same here with my DS... The only constants are which skills to NOT max... the rest i really just added according to which is most beneficial (which i'd use the most)

As expected, no one took the ign ChemSlayer yet, so now its all mine :)
And here's a spam of screenies!

So I gave my DS an abr! as well as all the free cs items from maple anni event + the moutain dew rings

Looks quite pretty when i glide yeah?

Wonderful soul eater can hit top + bottom!

Hunting for wings... opened 11 boxes so far but no ring :( hunt till i lvl up twice lol!

haha yes, i leveled up by doing the fireworks quest! 2nd time that happened lol

Ah i also changed some perfect rex earrings and chaos-ed it...  using the gold legend award coins to change the untradable chaos scrolls of cos...

1st earring: 1st chaos wa gone

2nd earring:
start 1wa > 2wa > 3wa > 6wa rest of the scrolls failed.

And than i tried to chaos my MoN too. 1st scroll failed, 2nd scroll jumbled up my original 5 to all stats like... and the wa12 became wa14! NICE! 2 more slots open and no more coins for now :X

Gng out with my guild mates for dinner later :)

pala shall hit 177 in the 30mins 2x exp later at monster park, yay :)

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