Saturday, June 30, 2012

So i heard...

DS is coming on the 4th yeah? Tried out DS gameplay a bit in a ps... damage sure is high (but i cant be sure if that's accurate... but considering i have basically no eq there... the damage sure is good). Mobility wise tho, i prefer merc... the ds mobility moves are... a bit hard to use.... glide is alright, but the high jump and jag jump are pretty texting... i prefer the double space of merc/wh and the cannon jump of CS. dont have to press so many buttons you know?

Playing style wise... kinda made  me regret spending 2xxm scrolling a simi decent axe for my ds.... you do have quite a lot of skills to play with... but you still have to keep charging up the demon force with normal attack... and you have to tap the normal att button 4 times for the combo... sure its not as spammy as aran... but its still quite bad... for one when bossing i cant just plonk my stapler on an attack key and drink some water, play my phone etc...  :X can be quite tiring after sometime...

and the thought that i have to train 2 more ds to lvl 70 haiz... i was already sick of training ring/link skill mules when mercs were out lol... did manage to train my merc2 and merc3 to lvl 70 tho, and during the full ap reset event... AH YES the full ap reset hot time event! parents and sis went out so i took my mum's and sis's lappy to afk too... managed to change my bam to be pure int, and rescue the abandoned i/l (with like 20 str and all)... fed the i/l the exp potion too so now its finally 3rd job lol. And my hero! He finally has 999 base str! no more 8int and 7x dex! now he has 999 str and 23 dex XD

and yes, all my chars have finished the gaga event... and gotten the 7th ani medal for pretty much all the chars i might ever train.

Hmm... was it last week? or last last week? managed to get czak helm on my pala! 1st ever czak helm lol! SSes later since i'm a lazy bum (and also cos 2x exp is in 7mins...) haha. Yesterday's czak was epic... oh wells... more later!

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