Friday, June 15, 2012

Events and more events

Recently thanks to the legends patch and the maple 7th anniversary there's been so many events... i'm really getting sick of maple :X

7th anniversary medal quest

In Progress
Evan day 4
NW day 6
WH day 2
DB day 3
Aran day 2
BAM day 5
Mech day 3
SM day 1

Hero day 7 - riding skill


Things to do:
Train 2 more lvl 30 merc by 17th for the pink balloon
Do scissor papers stone gaga event on all the rest of the storage chars

trained a total of 5 CS for storage, link skill etc etc previously... so that explains why i've yet to make the other 2 mercs... wonder if those 2 will hit lvl 70 or not for the link skill...i'll want to hit lvl 50 on those tho... cos of the ring... decided against training my CS storage chars to lvl 50. too tiring and too sick of it all... and i'll eventually have 3 legends ring after DS is out anyway. 3 ought to be more than enough.

spent like 500m on opening MMBs the other day... did get back more than 500m in value of SBs, but so far i've only sold an ancient warding 20 to get back 28xm (after tax).... bleah. Did get an ishtar's ring 20 and 2 DS books tho... as well as a couple of CS books... oh wells... also spent like 200m on making a 122wa onyx axe for my DS... .well its actually just 116wa, but thankfully there's a 6wa in the pot line... else i'd have just enhanced it till it booms and spend even more $$$ LOL.

czak tonight... hope there wont be any parent disruptions haiz.

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