Monday, November 22, 2010

and it went... KABOOM!


spent like 20m or smthing on item maker enhancing crystals etc

1st thing i made was reverse shoe. adv aquamarine, amethyst n power. stats come out average.

2nd, made a reverse 1h. adv power, diamond, black crystal. 114wa and 5str

threw in 30%s since there's no point ending up with a 12X sword, that'll be the same as my current one. 1st slot passed... 2nd slot KABOOM

since i xfer over my 1h sword attack scrolls, decided to scroll my flairgrave too. cos its really useless n just sitting in my inv for nth right now... end up... same fate... 1st slow passed. 2nd slot KABOOM

made another reverse 1h. this time with int power since i ran out of adv power liao. 110wa (note all bo use stim), 3 str... -.-''' 1st slot failed. 2nd slot KABOOM.

3 KABOOMs in a day...

total 5 reverse 1h made, only 1 survived --> DUH will survive, i only used 60%s.
2 reverse shoe made, 1 boomed, 1 clean and unpotentialed.

total 255 POTs used... wonder when i'll get my 14X sword... -.-'''

that's all for today...

really slacked the entire weekend after chionging two lab reports last week. 1 more due this week and this week got lab also, which means another lab report. quiz next week too... didnt do very well for my elective quiz last fri... oh wells. its late, time to sleep!

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