Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 missions accomplished

3missions accomplished today.

1) lvl up SM
2) lvl up hero
3) lvl up sword

ooo a sword that can lvl up? yeah yeah... its my noob reverse sword that i forged and scrolled yesterday. here goes:

no stim, adv black n diamond, intermediate power. managed to self forge an adv black so i dumped that in.

wa 113 sword.... since it was abv average, AND becos i cant bear to hunt POTs with my rk anymore... AND since neo tokyo is coming out and i want to have a decent weapon to explore neo tokyo... i went ahead and dumped only 60%s into the sword.... end result? only 4 passed... 121wa. i went to hammer it once... failed... still 121wa >< sighz...

end result:

and me holding the sword with the 5 pink orbs (heh, u can barely see the sword)

and my noob damage with the sword, the pics were taken at random times, didnt purposely wait till highest damage then take SS. my coordination sux too bad to do that anyway. highest damage i saw was ard 25k which isnt in the SSes here. and pardon my pathetic copy and paste skills in paint.

leveled up my sword today and thankfully it add in 2wa and 2 str... makes up a little for the pathetic scrolling. still far from my 13X wa sword... that's it... gonna hunt more pots and make sure i get a 13X wa sword... eventually i will get it! F5!

neo tokyo is coming out soon and i'm excited abt it... the mobs there are just gonna be pot burning tho >< oh wells... the laser sword looks really really cool, and i will make one... no matter how long it takes!

okays, nothing much else to say for now... probably gonna visit my NW for a while, been so long since i visited him...

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