Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love the Vainglory dev team

For all the misgivings players may have against vainglory, the matching system, and the gameplay tweaks and balances...

I do love the dev team for being so active and so quick on their server status updates.

It's not the first time I've experienced game play connectivity problems... But each time I'll fire up twitter and see tweets from @vainglorystatus about how they are already aware of the issue. This is then followed by a server maintenance... and the problem is mostly fixed pretty darn fast.

See today's tweet:

That's just 11 minutes between the first tweet and the second. And another 7 minutes later 60% of the players are back in the game. Even the massive server lag after a new character release + major update took only about 30 minutes to an hour to fix. After being used to MapleSEA's infinitely long server maintenances that gets extended, and extended, and re-extended,  the service provided by Vainglory seems almost too good to be true. And keep in mind that it's the same company maintaining different servers for different regions.

Sure, Vainglory is still kinda new... But I'm excited to watch and follow this game as it continues to develop. With regular updates and new characters, it's definitely something that'll keep me entertained for a long time to come. If anything, the quick response from the developers to fix server issues and bugs certainly keeps players like myself happy.


Still waiting for my turn to get back in. Should be soon now. Regular twitter updates make a HUGE difference. Really. (Well it doesn't have to be twitter, but twitter is really a pretty darn good platform for such things.)

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