Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are you ready for mech?

Mech is coming out in like 2 days! Are you ready for mech? Excited? or cant be bothered?

i'm all ready for mech... nope, didnt prepare a single pirate/mech eq, but i've finally trained my bam to 3rd job and gotten the ring and box... so that i can concentrate on my mech later on. i dont think my mech or any of my resistance will make it to 4th job any soon. still have to train my hero to 200 and that's taking a really really long time. wanna play a pala too, esp when UA comes ard... been wanting to play pala for a really long time, in fact i have two lvl 30 knight created long long time ago. wanted to play palas way before the dual charges or big bang changes were known, but nvr found the time to do so. my hero will always still be my main, and i wont train other chars much till my hero reaches the end in terms of lvling up...

all the new classes/jobs are more over powered than the previous one... mech is a super over powered bad ass who takes barely any damage cos of its super high def, but deals TONS or damage. played a mech merely to 4x in jms before i could not long stand the lag + my exams started. its... ok, fun but nothing too special in the early stages... definitely over powered tho. with 0 bof, all clean eqs, i could 1hko all the mobs i was hitting, something my bam cant do -.-'''. guess my mech will be kicking ass with lvl 19 bof and wa12 gloves... that's ALL the eq i have for my mech tho. its ok... i wont be training it to 4th job anysoon i guess, and even then i'm not really rich enough to go buy superb weapons for my mech. slowly it does...

well that's all for now. going grind ludi pq with my bl for the glasses to potential. tata!

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